Placenta Processing

Placenta will …reduce or stop postpartum bleeding, speed up recovery, boost energy and relieve postpartum blues.
— Peter Homes, Jade Remedies

How it Works

Almost every mammal ingests their own placenta after the birth, sometimes even ignoring the young until the placenta has been completely ingested. 

Your dehydrated placenta is extremely nutrient rich and helps replenish your body, restoring and balancing hormones after the birth of your baby. Experts agree that the placenta retains hormones, thus reintroducing them to your system eases hormonal fluctuations. In addition, your placenta is high in vitamins and minerals such as iron, protein, and vitamin B6. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine has used placenta (Ze He Che) for thousands of years to augment the body’s “Qi” (life-force energy), and nourish body’s “Essence”. Encapsulating your placenta is the easiest (and most tasteless) way to consume this powerful remedy. 

Benefits of Encapsulation

  • Balancing hormones

  • Combats fatigue

  • Increases your immunity

  • Increases your energy

  • Enhances milk production

  • Smooths out your emotions

  • Shortens postnatal bleeding time

  • Increases postnatal iron levels

Preparation Process

Your placenta will be prepared, dehydrated, and encapsulated adhering to the strictest standards of safety as set forth by OSHA and the EPA, and conforming to local health department guidelines for food preparation and safety protocols. The preparation process is always done in a sanitized environment, using sanitized equipment.

It is recommended to prepare the placenta within 1-3 days of giving birth, and should be kept in a refrigerator or cooler until the process begins. However, if it’s not possible, the placenta should be frozen until ready to be processed.


  • 80-200 vegan/kosher/halal/allergen-free capsules filled with your placenta (amount depends on size of your placenta)

  • Travel to pick up placenta (within Portland and immediate surrounding cities) and drop off pills and keepsake

  • Your baby's dried umbilical cord keepsake

Fee: $250 ENCAPSUlation

        additional OPTIONS: 
        $25 tincture (CompliMentary for my doula clients)
        $25 SALVE
        $10 Placenta print  

fee collected after your birth

ask about discount for handling your drop and pick up transportation

This service has not been evaluated by the FDA. The services offered are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Families who choose to utilize these services take full responsibility for their own health and for researching and using capsules.