Water helps mothers and babies worldwide experience gentler births - water is the midwife’s epidural.


The AquaDoula is a portable spa developed specifically for labor and waterbirth. Two AquaDoula tubs are available for rent within the Portland metro area. 


  • Soft padded floor and side walls offer superb comfort and strength for both mother and support person.

  • The rigid sides are good support for squatting.

  • Deluxe AquaDoula Heating System featuring unique solid-state thermostat maintains a constant water temperature with no heat loss, especially during longer labors.

  • Fully grounded heater and temperature controls provide critical electrical protection and safety for mother and baby.

  • GFCI Plug/cord maximizes electrical safety and user protection.

  • AquaDoula Cover helps ensure heat efficiency.

  • Spacious size: 4'6" diameter & 2' deep comfortably accommodates two adults with easy access.

  • Capacity 150 Gal.

  • Premium vinyl AquaLiner promotes easy cleaning.

  • Compact storage size: 20" wide & 25" high. Boxed tub fits in a compact car.


  • Handy Faucet-hose Adapter for easy filling from a warm water tap (if it does not fit your faucet you must purchase one that does).

  • Submersible Pump for easy draining in about 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Floating thermometer for worry-free water temperature monitoring.

  • One Form-fit AquaDoula Disposable Liner (latex free) makes for easy cleaning.

Set Up

Detailed Instruction Booklet provides easy, one person set-up in minutes. No tools required!

Fee: $200
(For 5 week rental: weeks 37-42 of pregnancy)

Additional fees:

  • $50 per additional week.

  • $50 cleaning service (drained in advance).

  • Additional delivery/pick up service (exact fee to be determined based on location).