Doula Client Testimonials

Rebecca & Brooke were the greatest gift to our family...
Mollie, Maury & baby Callen

Mollie, Maury & baby Callen

We were in the very best of hands for the birth of our first child!

Rebecca and Brooke gave us so much confidence and peace of mind before, during, and after our boy's birth that we truly can't imagine doing it any other way! Finding them was the greatest gift to our family.

Fast forward one year later and we are pregnant with baby #2 - we were 110% sure that we wanted Rebecca and Brooke to be with us through this journey again!

Looking forward to baby #2’s arrival spring of 2019!

Having successfully guided so many births, nothing surprises them...

My husband and I agree that hiring Rebecca and Brooke as our doulas was the best decision we made during my pregnancy!

Meghan, Tim & baby Emmerson

Meghan, Tim & baby Emmerson

Rebecca and Brooke are experts in the field, tremendously kind, supportive, accommodating, and skilled. Having successfully guided so many births, nothing surprises them, and the experience and wisdom they are able to impart as a result helped us prepare long before the big day of. In addition to being awesome doulas, they are well connected to other skilled and trusted birth practitioners in the community, which made it easy to manage other aspects of birth and early childcare as they came up (e.g., maternity acupuncture/massage/chiropractic work, lactation consultants, etc.).

The day of our daughter's birth, Rebecca was on-call, and from start to finish she was amazing. I was able to have the unmedicated birth that I hoped for and cannot imagine having gone through that experience without her support. She helped us through home labor, and once at the hospital, she acted as a advocate for our birth plan, a liaison with our family and the medical staff, and most importantly, knew exactly how to support me and help me progress through all stages of labor. Her steady, calm demeanor helped us stay centered and assured as the process became more intense, and helped give me the faith and confidence to make it through labor. We know we would have gotten the same love and support from Brooke too had she been on call that day. We can't recommend these two ladies more highly!

Helped us feel centered and grounded...
Anna, Barrett & baby Oliver

Anna, Barrett & baby Oliver

We cannot recommend Rebecca and Brooke highly enough! They made us feel so much more relaxed and comfortable before giving birth to our first child.

During the process, Rebecca helped us remember all the things we cared about that otherwise would have been lost in the chaos of the moment. She held the space, helping us feel centered and grounded. During our entire journey they both always provided well-researched information to help us make decisions, as well as space for open, non-judgmental dialogue.

We hope to have them with us for our next child!

Always went above and beyond...
Pauline, Richard & baby Alexander

Pauline, Richard & baby Alexander

We absolutely love Rebecca!! She was the perfect person to have by our side on our important day.  

Rebecca listened to our concerns and helped to prepare us for labor and birth. We never felt judged or pressured into any particular direction. She was always 100% supportive. I had many concerns and questions as a first time mom and Rebecca was able to answer them all and always provide links and reference materials quickly. 

Like so many people, our birth experience did not go exactly as we had planned. Rebecca really helped to calm our fears and concerns and help us focus on the end result - meeting baby! 

Rebecca used visualization and breathing techniques/exercises to help me through a rough patch during the birth.  With her help, I was able to push through my mental block and as a result progress to the next stage of the birth. 

Rebecca's approach is very well balanced in both philosophy and practicality. Her priority is you and your baby as well as your family. She always went above and beyond what we expected and was a great advocate for what we wanted to do during our pregnancy and birth. Her cool, calm demeanor worked magic on the hospital staff. She is awesome!

We are so happy that we had Rebecca as our doula and would highly recommend her to anyone. 

Experienced, professional, open-minded...
Chelsea, Austin & baby Sage Sol

Chelsea, Austin & baby Sage Sol

Choosing Rebecca as our doula was a natural and easy decision. She was experienced, professional, open-minded, and gentle right from the start.

We took Rebecca's childbirth education series in addition to utilizing her doula services. This was excellent as it allowed us to get to know her very well over a period of time and made it easy to ask questions. My husband also became very comfortable with her (which is so important), and the classes were excellent preparation! We trusted Rebecca, and at our birth all her qualities shined through. We had a wonderful home birth!

If a doula can handle the stress of a home birth I believe that she can handle most any situation that arises during childbirth. She was also very supportive during the entire pregnancy. I highly recommend Rebecca. 

She became the bar to which other doulas we met were compared...
Raquel, Mike & baby Issac

Raquel, Mike & baby Issac

We were advised by trusted friends that having a doula was well worth it.  Delivering a child is certainly a new and scary experience – why not have an experienced coach to guide you through it?  Rather than having family at the house and in the delivery room, we wanted a pro who could keep a cool head and guide the process – allowing me to focus on supporting my wife while she was in beast mode.

We searched the local doula websites and found Rebecca among others that we met with.  She was very responsive and promptly scheduled a time to come to the house to meet and discuss.  Right away, Rebecca gave us a good feeling just by her demeanor – she is calm, gentle, matter of fact, very knowledgeable, and listens when you talk.  Bottom line, she’s the kind of person you want to have around in a crisis, which a childbirth basically is.  We met with some other doulas, but given that Rebecca became the bar to which the others were compared, hiring her it was a no-brainer for us.

She came to the house for two scheduled visits before the birth, which allowed us to ask questions about pregnancy, birth, child care and development, and really walk through how the delivery was likely going to play out.  Looking back, these efficient visits gave the three of us just enough trust to work well together once crunch time came.  Speaking of which, when my wife went into labor, and even false/practice labor in the days leading up to it, we were texting with Rebecca and she was offering suggections and feedback.  When the time came, we labored alone for several hours (she had gotten us so confident in the process that we didn’t even need her there right away), but she came over in a flash once we requested her presence.  She assessed and comforted my wife, got some accurate timing on contractions, went over final logistics with me, and suggested we get rolling to the hospital as we were actually pretty close.

Once at the hospital, our nurse was a bit passive and the doc wasn’t really involved, so it helped to have Rebecca suggesting positions and a general plan of action to get this baby out.  There were several complications that were scary and she was right there to help distill down the decisions to make, all the while keeping my wife (and myself) hydrated and on track.  She was supportive and remained there until the bitter end, when she politely said her goodbyes to let us bond with our new baby.

From the dad’s point of view, Rebecca was really important for two main reasons.  First the obvious: she kept us on track to deliver naturally, she instilled confidence in us during the process, and was there for input on decisions when anything came up.  But second, and more of a subtlety: her presence and the way she carried out the first part allowed me to focus more intently on directly supporting my wife and remaining engaged with her as she pushed a baby out with no meds.

Truly amazing...we are both so grateful to her...
Julie, Eric & baby Rose

Julie, Eric & baby Rose

Rebecca was the most amazing doula during the preparation for and birth of our first child. I first met her in a prenatal yoga class that she taught, and immediately was put at ease by her calm, knowledgeable, approachable, and nonjudgmental sensibility. During our prenatal sessions, we learned so much from her - and after each session she would send us emails with additional information. She was also available via email and phone/text and responded very quickly if we had questions.

During the actual birth, Rebecca was truly amazing. My husband and I are both so grateful to her. My labor was quite long - she was at the hospital with us for 20+ hours, and with her help, I was able to have a natural birth with no drugs. She was wonderful with the hospital staff, throughout all 4 shift changes during my labor. Towards the end, Rebecca suggested something to the doctor that the medical staff had missed, because she had been with us the whole time. It made us so glad we had her with us, who knew us, and who was there the whole time. We were definitely a team during the whole birth process. The postpartum visit was wonderful too - and I loved how she kept checking in with us for the few weeks after the birth.

I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca as a doula, and we will definitely call on her if we are lucky enough to have another child!

A huge support to both of us...
Jessica, Myron & baby Tate

Jessica, Myron & baby Tate

When we met Rebecca as our childbirth educator, we quickly realized that she would be a good fit as our doula.  Her calming demeanor was a good fit for our personalities and was what we were looking for in someone to help guide us through our first childbirth experience.  She was great at providing us with the information to help us make informed decisions for writing our birth plan.

During our long, early-labor experience at home, Rebecca was there when we needed her.  She helped provide options to us when things weren’t progressing as we would have liked.  She was a huge support to both of us, reminding us to eat and stay hydrated, and to use various positions she covered in our childbirth class to help make the home laboring as manageable as possible.

At the hospital, Rebecca was very helpful, ensuring we were being our own advocate and making sure we were asking the staff the right questions, especially since we hadn’t slept for two days. While the path we took during the laboring process at the hospital turned out to be much different than what we had in our birth plan, Rebecca was a tremendous asset in guiding us through the entire birthing process. In the end, she was there at our side as we welcomed our baby Tate to the world.

Knew exactly when to step forward and when to step back...
Amua, Dave, Nayeli & Mateo

Amua, Dave, Nayeli & Mateo

Rebecca was recommended to us by our midwife for the home birth of our second baby. From our first meeting I could tell she would be a good fit for this very intimate experience, and particularly appreciated her instant rapport with my 2.5 year old daughter.

Rebecca knew exactly when to step forward to be a more involved presence, and when to step back to allow my husband or sister to support me in my laboring. She also did a great job showing my husband techniques he could use to ease some of my discomfort. 

The birth of my first child was so fast and intense that the slow, even progression of my second labor left me feeling like I wasn't progressing as fast as I wanted. Rebecca provided me with strong encouragement and the nurturing that I needed. 

Thank you, Rebecca!

Essential support for a successful VBAC...
Nicole, Antonio & baby Christian

Nicole, Antonio & baby Christian

My road to a vaginal birth after two cesareans (VBAC) proved difficult from the beginning. I knew that we would need the support of a doula to be successful in a hospital setting; and I am grateful for a friend referring Rebecca to us since she was a perfect fit for both me and Antonio. 

Prior to my going into labor I could tell Rebecca had done her research on VBACs, which was helpful during labor. Not to mention she adjusted and met our needs appropriately since we found out the devastating news that our two-year-old has cancer just weeks prior to labor and delivery and was sensitive to our situation.

Rebecca was amazing in supporting me and Antonio during labor; coaching him in all the right ways since he had never experienced a labor and encouraging me physically, psychologically and emotionally. She also ensured that we were well informed and knew all of our options, especially since labor is a time we were not thinking about the right questions to ask.

I honestly am not sure I would have birthed Cristian vaginally without the support Rebecca provided as our doula, and I am forever grateful for this. I highly recommend Rebecca and feel she is compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled as a birth doula.

Invaluable, put our minds at ease...
Irina, Luke & baby Sophia

Irina, Luke & baby Sophia

Rebecca was absolutely amazing as our doula!!!

Given it was our first child, she put our minds at ease, answered all our questions with patience, so we felt completely comfortable going into this experience.

During my labor, she was invaluable in the delivery room, often ensuring I was comfortable and had everything I needed. She made sure my husband asked nurses and docs all the right questions.

Her postnatal visit was amazing as well. As a new mom, I was overwhelmed with paranoia about every little thing that was going on with my daughter, and Rebecca yet again put my mind at ease and answered LOTS of questions and helped me sort out the ocean of information I was researching online. 

Rebecca has a calm and nurturing presence, along with her extensive knowledge of childbirth and personal experience of delivering and raising two kids. She is a genuine and warm person who is easy to connect with. We wouldn't think twice about hiring her again.

Smooth natural childbirth...

We had a great experience with Rebecca. She made herself readily available at anytime for us to ask questions. She provided us with ample information to make sure that we were prepared for our upcoming birth. Rebecca assisted us with developing a great birth plan, which we were able to stick with during the big day. 

We had a fully natural birth, and she guided us on how to stick to our guns through completion. Taking a step back, she made sure that we had all our needs covered at home. She helped us to prepare and offered to make my fiance shakes to drink for comfort and strength through the labor pains.

Back to the labor in the hospital, she helped with massage oils and giving my fiance drinks between rounds (contractions and pushing). She offered lots of encouragement and great coaching techniques. With her help we had a smooth natural birth.

Chloe, RJ & baby Giovanni

Chloe, RJ & baby Giovanni